14 year old Meg Coulsen cycles 300 km for maisha

Read the personal report from Meg Coulsen.

Personal report from Meg Coulsen:

"It was a slow start in the middle of Basel - we had no clue as to where the trail began, however modern technology got us there in the end! There began 3/1/2 long days of cycling up and down country roads; over mountain passes that saw us above the clouds; past the local cows with their bells; up an enormous mountain for 1/1/2 hours o­nly to come back down when we discovered it was not o­n our route!; starting the morning in 2 degree temperature with thick fog; all the while consuming countless energy drinks and endless bottles of water. The route took us through the most spectacular countryside with beautiful autumn colours that made it almost enjoyable, if it weren’t for the sore bottoms and aching legs!

The 300 km cycle from Basel to Nyon was in aid of the Maisha Orphanage in Kenya, and you all played a huge part by supporting me in this challenge. o­n behalf of the children and their carers, I would like to thank you for your generosity."

Meg Coulsen

Meg raised over Chf 2000 for maisha. O­n behalf of all the maisha kids and staff, we would like to thank Meg for contributing to our building project in such a courageous way and congratulate her o­n this amazing achievement. We are deeply touched!