Child sponsor

We are looking for sponsors for each of our orphans to ensure that their care, education, food, clothing and medical needs are consistently met and to support their caregivers, allowing them to improve the living situations for all of the children in their care.  On average, it costs about Chf 100 per month to cover all these needs for one child. We have therefore split the sponsorship of each child into two categories :

1. child  - Chf 50 per month covers the basic needs including food, clothes and medical needs

2. education – Chf 50 per month covers school fees, school uniforms, school books and materials.


You may choose to pay Chf 100 per month and cover all needs or pay Chf 50 per month and just cover a child’s basic needs or education. Click here to see which of our orphans need sponsoring


General sponsor
Become a general sponsor by paying Chf 50 per month and cover the daily running of maisha. These costs include amongst others, emergency costs, maintenance costs, upkeep of the home, health related costs etc.

Become a volunteer

Support a project
To support the building of the new children’s home click here

You can also support us by doing a sponsorship event. Do a sponsored swim, run, cycle, climb, hike etc. for maisha.