Children's home

Shortly after maisha was founded, Susan Wangare, Beatrice’s mother, offered to open up her private home to orphans suffering from extreme poverty. The first orphans moved into her home in January 2009 and the maisha home was born!

Since then, maisha has rescued 22 orphans from the slums and streets of Nairobi and moved them into the maisha home, where all their basic needs are being met.  The majority of these orphans have lost their parents to HIV/AIDS and the post election violence of 2007. They are now lovingly being cared for by Susan, fondly known as “Mama Maisha”, and her team of dedicated helpers. Maisha is more than just a home, it’s a family where the kids can find love.
 The home is situated in Ruai, in the province of Nairobi and comprises 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom for the children and another 2 rooms and 1 bathroom for the caregivers.  All of the children are attending school. The majority attend the local primary school, but some of our teenagers have graduated and are now attending secondary school, a luxury in Kenya where very few can afford secondary education.

Although, a vast improvement from the slums, Susan’s home is not really adapted to housing 25 people. Space is limited and many of the teenagers  are having to share beds with the younger kids. We therefore decided to build a new home, specifically designed to accommodate the children’s needs. You can read more about our project to build a new home here.