About maisha

The word « maisha » means life in Swahili, the native language of Kenya. Our vision is to give life, hope  and a future to orphans who are suffering  from extreme poverty and who have lost their parents to HIV/AIDS or tribal conflict.

We believe that providing these orphans with their basic needs is essential, but what a child craves more than anything else is love and a sense of belonging.  Maisha therefore strives to create a family environment where each child has a place and grows up with a mother figure to guide and love them and lots of “brothers” and “sisters” to play with. Maisha places quality over quantity and to maintain the notion of a family, we intend to stay small enough to be able to know each child personally and help them find the right path in life, depending on their individual personalities and competences .
What sets maisha apart is the very direct nature of our association. The home is being run by a family member and we are in direct contact with her and the children. Our sponsors can therefore be sure that their donations go directly to the home and are welcome to visit and see for themselves the difference they are making.
We also strongly believe that education is the ticket out of poverty. We endeavor to enroll our orphans in the best public school in the area and encourage them to aim high. Our pupils regularly score in the top 10 of their classes at school, where class sizes can be as big as 80 students and Maisha has already built a solid reputation for producing well-behaved, hard working students.

Milestones in the development of maisha


Several volunteers help creating a computer lab, a gym, a water filter, etc.


  • Building of the new maisha children home
  • Acrobatics / drumming training


  • Project start "a new children's home"
  • Acquisition minibus
  • Implementation of a new, energy-efficient cooking area, each with a 50l and 30l pot
  • Acrobatics / drumming training
  • tuition for maisha children
  • Training of employees (computer courses, hairdressing courses, driver training, etc.)

Removal of existing floor, creating new sub-floor, installation of 140m2 new plates (hygiene).

Bore hole as a source of fresh drinking water and for irrigation

Purchase of land for the cultivation of vegetables and fruits / Registration maisha Kenya.

Fish pond (tilapia) as a dietary compensation for the maisha children

founding maisha