books for maisha

maisha is glad to announce a donation for school books from Business English Consulting GmbH.

"I remember learning how to read and the pure joy I felt once I had read my first book front to back with no help from anyone else. I was so proud! I sat in the kitchen and read my storybook to anyone who would listen.

This year as Business English Consulting approached its 10th anniversary, we searched for a project to help us celebrate. After talking to Beatrice and Florian, the idea for “Books for maisha” was born. Our first wish was to donate storybooks for the children. However, the children’s first wish was not for storybooks, but for schoolbooks so that they could go to school. Although attending school in Kenya is free, the children have to supply everything for their school day from toilet paper to desk and chair. Without these things, they are not allowed to attend.

It is with great pleasure that we at Business English Consulting GmbH support the children of maisha with books. We would like to thank our many clients for making this 10 year milestone possible."

Christina Warren
Business English Consulting GmbH